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The Story of Blake and Charlie - Part 1

Blake and Charlie have been married for 10 years and separated for 1 year. They have two children Billie (15) and Cameron (4). They own a house with a mortgage and have some savings in the bank. They both have large amounts of superannuation and Charlie received an inheritance last year.

The children live in a shared care arrangement between their parents, moving week to week with each parent.

Blake has repartnered with Ash. Charlie does not have a new partner.

Billie is pretty relaxed in Year 10 at a private school and wants to be a doctor.

Cameron does not sleep through the night and has nightmares. Cameron also wets the bed. Cameron goes to preschool 3 days a week and the teachers at pre-school have mentioned to both parents that they have concerns about Cameron’s behaviour in school.

Blake and Charlie do not get on well and find it hard to avoid arguments.

Blake and Charlie don’t know what to do. Things are tough for them both and they are both worried about Cameron.

What can they do? Let’s see next week.

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